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"Playing McCorvey, and giving an absolutely bravura performance, is Terri Weagant. She is able to come across as a crass, coarse, chain-smoking, cocaine-sniffing, speaks-her-mind-loudly woman, and we can't take our eyes off her. She gives the performance here that Meryl Streep wanted to give as Karen Silkwood in Silkwood. Yes, Streep is the finest actor in our life time, but she was too precise, too cautious and not spontaneous enough in this instance, that we never believed her as the rough-and-tumble Silkwood. But we sure believe Weagant as the tough-as-nails McCorvey, frighteningly so at times. It's a startling performance, and she's so electric and in the moment, that we sit on the edges of our seats, unable to know what she will do next."

- Broadway World

"As Norma, Terri Weagant is engaging, charming, obnoxious, grating and full of confused thoughts. She claims, “I’m so poor, I can’t even pay attention.” She was raised by a mother who seems to despise her (well played by Tracy Michelle Arnold) and is awkward in many social situations. She’s a wild woman at first, drinking and smoking through her pregnancy, and becomes a counselor at an abortion clinic before she changes heart."

- Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"A quick-change performance worthy of the late Robin Williams...I’d call it the performance of a lifetime. But the talented Weagant is just starting out. And I’m sure there’ll be many more."

- YourObserver

"And I must mention Terri Weagant's incredible portrayal of Melony. Weagant portrayed her with depth and verve and was a force of nature every time she entered stage... A finely focused and borderline frightening performance that I think will stay with me for a long time. A truly sublime performance."


"Weagant gives a positively sociopathic performance."

- The Stranger

“Her talents are on full display in a virtuoso performance... The trick to doing the one-person show is one that Weagant has mastered."

- Seattle Gay News

"Weagant embraces the intense physicality of her role, rapidly shape-shifting from one character to another in a blunt display of the disillusionment, cynicism and exhaustion..."

- The Seattle Times

"Weagant balances humor and pithy wisdom with a depth of understanding of the human condition, highlighting, without being pretentious, the play’s philosophical bent... Weagant’s reversals are instantaneous and flawless..."


“Weagant always demonstrates boldness onstage. But she’s never shown so much bravery as in taking on this 1985 play... The youthful Weagant brings talent and stamina, offering a whirlwind of emotion and laughs through her Fanny Brice features."

- Seattle Post Globe

“Several times I forgot there was only one person on the stage."

 - Broadway

“It’s Terri Weagant’s Helena who steals the show. I am a long-time Weagant booster–she’s hilarious, I love the way her voice cracks in self-doubt and disbelief at each new horror life has to offer, and her white-wine take (no caressing each syllable for an “Ah, Shakespeare!” epiphany).”

- The Sunbreak

“Terri Weagant turns in a singular performance as the dejected Helena and inhabits the part with as much truth, and genius comedic timing as I have ever seen.  With a mere look or tilt of the head she had the audience all at once feeling sorry for the poor girl and still giggling uncontrollably.”

- Broadway

"Weagant’s ferocious Melony is tempered with potent vulnerability."

- Seattle Times

"Terri Weagant's Melony evolves into perhaps the most compelling character in the tale."

- Talking

"the fierce and bruising Terri Weagant"

- The Stranger

​"Terri Weagant, normally a prolific fringe actor, directs "The Best Daddy" and has pulled awesomely outsized performances from her actors. The comedy is breathtakingly sadistic."

- The Stranger

"Her Desdemona is ardent, clear. She's the best thing up there."

- The Stranger

"If you're lucky enough to see this, you'll start with laughing your ass off.  There were times I actually couldn't breathe from laughing so hard. But then beyond the hilarity, we get to see what has made Weagant one of the shining stars of the Seattle scene as she takes this multimedia experience into an extremely thoughtful and poignant place.  Basically, "Karaoke Suicide is Painless" is too many levels of AWESOMENESS!"

- Broadway

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