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Private and Production Coaching

Terri has been teaching accents and dialects in many different capacities over the past 10 years. She has worked with academic students (Cornish College of the Arts, Holy Names Academy, University of Puget Sound), individual actors, and entire productions (theatre, film and radio). Lessons and coaching sessions are catered to suit the needs of the student/productions. 

Aquiring an accent or dialect for the stage can be a very daunting task, but Terri aims to break it down and make it fun. You will learn a definitive process to create a believable character. She will teach you mouth posture, rhythm and musicality, resonance and vowel/consonant substitutions. Students/performers will be supplied with many supplemental materials: worksheets, audio recordings of native speakers, video samples and vocal exercises. 

Terri has specialized in teaching : Neutral American, New York​, Southern American (Yat, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi), Classical American, South Boston, Standard British, Estuary, Cockney, Manchester, Welsh, Yorkshire, Irish, Scottish, Mexican, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, French, German, Italian, Bajan, Yiddish, Valley girl, Australian, Indian, Spanish. 

Please contact Terri directly for hourly rates. 

Selected productions Terri has coached:

A Streetcar Named Desire



Ajax in Iraq

Punk Rock

El Paso Blue

Peter Pan

Pride and Prejudice

Much Ado About Nothing

The American Clock

The Philadelphia Story

Intimate Apparel

The Foreigner

August Osage County

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Parallel Lives


The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

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