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Accent Reduction

Terri is very passionate about teaching voice in a social context. Every voice is unique and yours is no exception. We express our thoughts, ideas and passions to the world vocally. There is no "correct" way to speak. But we recognize that voice and accents have social perceptions attached to them, depending on where you are in the world. If you are interested in having the ability to soften or reduce an existing regionalism or foreign accent, Terri would love to help. She has taught the neutral American dialect to hundreds of students over the last 10 years. Acquiring a new accent is a challenging process, but Terri's genuine enthusiasm for the material and personal investment in her student's growth make it a fun and interesting experience.  

The Goal:


To help students reduce a regionalism or accent,  and speak more clearly and confidently in a public or business setting. ​



The Process:

To begin, Terri will record a diagnostic taping of your voice in its current state. Together you will listen and dissect the sounds of your own dialect/accent as a jumping off point. You will learn to feel where you naturally want to produce sound.

From here, Terri will craft a  lesson plan based on your individual needs. Together you will explore mouth shape and posture, musicality and rhythm, resonance, and vowel/consonant substitutions. Students/performers will be supplied with many supplemental materials: worksheets, audio recordings of native speakers, video samples and vocal exercises. 

The key is practice, practice, practice. 

Please contact Terri directly for hourly rates. 

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