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By Elizabeth Heffron


Best Storytelling Show Award

United Solo Festival NYC


About The Play


"You could say that life gets a little weird for precocious 13-year-old Bo-Nita when she winds up with a dead ex-stepfather on her bedroom floor. With humor, pathos and a dash of Midwestern magical realism, this wild one-woman, seven-character adventure follows a mother and daughter’s elaborate plan to try to hold their dysfunctional family together. Bo-Nita is a show that demonstrates what it means to have hope and resilience, along with a great sense of humor. Join us as intellectually gifted and hilariously imaginative 13-year-old, Bo-Nita, learns life’s lessons while observing the behaviors of those around her, for better or for worse." 


"Ms. Weagant demonstrates a mesmerizingly deep understanding of her characters, down to their body language and physical tics... Ms. Weagant makes the characters feel realistic and personable, as though you could meet them right outside, walking down the street... She is alternately hilarious and heart‑wrenching. This play discusses poverty, single motherhood, role models, immigrants, and coping methods, all told through the lens of a child. Be prepared to face the ugliness and the beauty of humanity. Each character is brought low, but fights to make a life for themselves."

-All About Solo NYC- Critic's Choice - 4.5 Stars

"She is so fearlessly physical, emotionally committed and creatively engaged with the story and the audeince you will have a hard time recalling a more thoroughly compelling one-person show."

"Weagant’s all over the place, making the most out of the small stage, a park bench, a trash can, her backpack, bringing the kinetic restlessness of a young adolescent with only half-quashed dreams and a lot of heart and imagination to her bravura portrayal. It’s an astonishingly demanding play, and Weagant gives it her all and then some. You don’t want to miss this one."

-Hudson Valley Online

"Bo-Nita is a wild ride, no doubt about it, but one definitely worth taking."

-Sarasota Magazine

“A lively and fun production...Weagant gives a vivid and distinct life to each of the seven characters she plays." 

-Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"...a quick-change performance worthy of the late Robin Williams... It takes audiences on a wild ride... It's a brilliant performance.”​

- Your Observer

"I’d call it the performance of a lifetime. But the talented Weagant is just starting out. And I’m sure there’ll be many more.

-Sarasota Observer

“Terri Weagant absolutely illuminates the stage...Not a lot of actors can pull off this kind of acting... If you want to see some fine acting and come away feeling in awe of what you just witnessed, Bo-Nita is the play for you."

-Broadway World

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